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4th Grade Teacher and Pedagogical Coordinator

Carla Prada Corrales was born in San José, Costa Rica. She had a bilingual education since she was a child, so languages became one of her passions, along with art and writing. She studied philosophy, fine arts, and English at the University of Costa Rica and the UNED. She also studied classical philosophy and Theosophy at the New Acropolis Cultural Center.
With 15 years of experience in the field of education, she has worked in institutes, private schools, and in the area of training and language training for multinational companies.

She was co-founding teacher of the alternative school La Ecovilla, in San Mateo (now Casa Sulá), where she came into contact with the Waldorf method for the first time, thanks to the mentoring of the teacher Olga Rojas. She took part in the pedagogical training carried out in the Waldorf El Huerto kindergarten, and is currently studying at the Anthroposophical Development Center, endorsed by AWSNA, in Cuernavaca, Mexico, where she has already completed her fourth year of Waldorf pedagogical training. She started with the first primary group that opened at Casa de las Estrellas in 2015.

Other interests include biodynamic agriculture, environmental conservation, and community work oriented to the protection of nature.


Hand Work Teacher, Arts


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Administrator + Coordinator

Cristina Rubio Rey was born and raised in Madrid. She is a professional in the teaching of second languages, with extensive international experience and 20 years of teaching. At Casa de Las Estrellas she works as administrator and coordinator.

Her university degrees and first international professional experiences led her to live in Israel, Turkey, England and France for more than 10 years. She settled in Costa Rica 15 years ago, where she raises her daughter Naila, and finds new passions in perfecting education. Experiencing the Waldorf method in our school has become one of her recent passions.

Other interests and previous roles were cultural promotion, coordination of educational projects, and academic research in the acquisition of languages. Her diverse positions in education, as a teacher, trainer, and coordinator of international programs support her experience in leadership, teacher training, project management, and community relations.


Preschool Assistant

I am Dunia Mendoza Ruiz, born in Costa Rica, in the province of Limón. I am 26 years old and a mother of 3 children.

My encounter with the Waldorf method came about when searching for a school for my eldest son. I was looking for a school where my son and I felt comfortable and happy.

I first worked at the school as a volunteer where I helped in the kitchen while my son enjoyed the education. I soon fell in love with Casa de las Estrellas. Now I have been a preschool assistant for 5 years.

I have 3 years of training in Mexico, which has helped me a lot. Here we learn the importance of taking care of and providing shelter to children in their first seven years.


Preschool Teacher

Fiorella is from San José. She is trained in special education and administration and certified in early detection of dyslexia and yoga for children. Her 10 years of experience includes working in several schools in San José and private tutoring in and out of the country. She has now found his inspiration in the Waldorf methodology.


English Teacher

Heather Tremain began teaching at Casa De Las Estrellas in January 2018. She is the English teacher for grades 1-5. Heather began her career in Education in 2013 in St. Petersburg, Florida. She has a Bachelors degree from the University of South Florida in K-5 Elementary Education, as well as special needs. Heather is passionate about teaching English as a second language as well as diving deeper into the language with native speakers.


3rd Grade Teacher

ltzel Chirinos Castillo was born and raised in Central America. She graduated from the career of Engineering in Agricultural Sciences at the EARTH University, Costa Rica. She has worked in university education as a teacher. She is the founder of an ecological agriculture project for homesteading with her husband and three children in the South Pacific of Costa Rica.

She has been involved with the Waldorf method for nine years, first as a mother and then as a student and teacher. She completed her first Waldorf Teacher Training in San Jose, Costa Rica and is currently completing the Waldorf Teacher Training at the Anthroposophical Development Center, Cuernavaca, Mexico.

In 2016 she taught her first group of children at the Casa de las Estrellas School. Convinced that quality integral education guides us towards the freedom of the human being, and therefore, constitutes the basis and the future for a healthy society.


Music Teacher




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5th Grade Teacher

María del Pilar was born and raised in San José, Costa Rica. She did her university studies in Art and Visual Communication at the national university of Costa Rica. She discovered her passion to teach and work with children four years ago.

She took the position of elementary and secondary art teacher at the School of Friends of Monteverde in 2015 at the end of 2016. She began her training as a Waldorf teacher in Mexico in the summer of 2018, a methodology that resonates with her vision of the world and she is determined that it is the method with which she will continue working. She is currently a 5th grade teacher at Casa de Las Estrellas and teaches Wwtercolor and drawing of forms to other groups.

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2nd Grade Teacher

I was born in Uruguay, I started college studying Social Work. In order to understand what the books told me about Latin America, to know my continent and to better understand its problems and its virtues, I went traveling to visit different countries, until I arrived in Costa Rica. I had my son here, and along with him came a great respect and interest towards education. That's how I started to study different alternative methodologies until I got to know the Waldorf method. After five years of training in Mexico, today I am a Master of Waldorf. I now have the honor of going to Mexico to continue the training to be an Art Therapist.

With the conviction of offering a respectful education with the development of the children of Nosara and its surroundings, we founded together with another family Casa de las Estrellas in 2003. After working as a coordinator I have the pleasure of being in charge of a group being their teacher.

Anthroposophic Art Therapy was promoted by Dr. Ita Wegman, in the thirties of the last century and Dr. Margarethe Hauschka gave continuity developing different techniques of painting for therapeutic purposes. Its focus is not the artistic result, but the process that is offered, where health forces develop.

The artistic therapy, of this methodology, is being applied in clinics, hospitals, schools, etc. around the world. Casa de las Estrellas understands the need to approach children in a therapeutic way and therefore encourages the training of their teachers in this area. I hope to enrich my work as a teacher and my role in school, and this year Art Therapy is being offered to children who need it. With this, we hope to be able to support in depth the healthy development of the children.


Chef's Assistant



Agriculture/Biodynamics Teacher

Osiris Lazo Romero, was born in Costa Rica, in Ciudad Neily, South Pacific where he grew up in different rural communities until college age. This time of his life sparked his love for the countryside and agriculture. From a young age he liked nature. He comes from family that worked with livestock and agriculture. He studied at the Agricultural Technical College and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Sciences from EARTH University, Costa Rica. As part of his studies he also took a large part of the Bachelor's Degree in Teaching with an emphasis in Agronomy and Natural Resource Management courses at the UNED Costa Rica. Currently in 2018 he began his training in Anthroposophic Herbal Medicine in Mexico, Rancho Canoas Altas.

Osiris has worked in various fields, one of the most important being education and agriculture, where he has worked in formal secondary and university education for 4 years. In addition, he worked in community extension and development projects for 6 years, especially with rural families and grassroots organizations. He has worked with informal, open, and free education, in projects developed in several countries, mainly Central America Nicaragua and Guatemala. Osiris is a farmer of vocation so he stands out as a founder with his wife and three children of a family homesteading project with ecological practices in Corridors and Golfito, South Pacific Costa Rica and collaborator in several similar initiatives.

Osiris has been connected to Biodynamic Agroecology for thirteen years, he was the manager of several initiatives in the country during this time. He developed many workshops and courses in the country, mainly in very remote communities including the indigenous territories Nögbe, Cabécar and Bribri. He is currently advising agricultural projects in Central America and is part of a new stage of development of Biodynamics in Tropical Latin America.

He has about nine years of being related to the Waldorf method as a father and the last two years also as a teacher. Since 2016, he has been working at Casa de las Estrellas as teacher of the agriculture and nature classes in elementary school, and collaborating in classes of Zoology and Botany. In addition, he works at Finca Playa Cuarzo fulfilling various vital functions for the development of this diverse project.


1st Grade Teacher

My name is Silvia Cob. I was born and raised in San José Costa Rica where I also carried out most of my studies. I have had two great passions in my life: teaching and a great love for adventure sports and outdoor activities. Being able to combine teaching with my profound love for nature has always been my favorite way to share what I like with young people and children.

I started my studies in Special Education at the University of Costa Rica and obtained a bachelor degree. Three years later I obtained a scholarship to train teachers in Japan for a period of 1 year and a half, in the specialty of Mental Health for people with Disability. Upon my return to Costa Rica I completed my studies in special education. I have also worked as a teacher for 16 years in the Center for Special Education Fernando Centeno Güell, serving students with special educational needs from 4 years to 21 years of age. Throughout this period I was able to learn the value of diversity and the importance of innovative and comprehensive methodologies to motivate learning. Later, in 2017, I relocated to the José Ana Marín Cubero School in Coronado (San José) and attended students from first grade up to the sixth grade in the emotional and behavioral support service.

My initial experience with the Waldorf methodology was through my two children, who attend the El Huerto Educational Garden in Coronado in San José. I fell in love with their dynamics and ways of learning. I participated in an Eurythmics workshop and there I learned about Casa de las Estrellas. From that moment on, it has been my great desire to be part of the teaching team of this beautiful school and to experience together with the students the adventure of learning in an atmosphere of respect and love in a daily coexistence with nature

I am eager to meet your kids and join the journey of learning together.


Preschool Assistant